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"I wished I had Paul as a teacher when I attended Art Center."
- Ken Okuyama, designer of the Ferarri Enzo and past Transportation Chair of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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June 2, 2017 - Recently, Paul T. Glessner, President, has been very involved volunteering for the Boys Republic school of late since attending the 2016 Friends of Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show. He was appointed to the car show committee in July 2017 after the live auction of two tours of Jay Leno's Garage garnered $31,000 and the acceptance of Jay to be the 2017 Della Robbia Wreath Chairperson joining the likes of John Wayne, Bob Hope, Barbara Bush and Steve McQueen. More to come for the Boys Republic per Paul as 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of - 'Bullitt.'


March 26, 2017 - VAC was asked to join Craig Breedlove's team for their U.S. assault on the World Land Speed Record. Paul was most grateful of the opportunity to continue making vehicles go - faster. The invitation from the financier himself took place at AutoClub Speedway's Media Center.


December 23, 2015 - VAC has been a consultant to Mooney International since a wind tunnel test at Kansas State University in July 2015 all in an effort to get their M10 Proof of Concept (POF) into the air for it's maiden flight which took place - December 23, 2015. VAC has been helping with wind tunnel testing, stability & control analysis, aerodynamics and flight testing. The POC pictured below has been painted a beautiful Matterhorn white and performed in the Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino Airport April 30th and May 1st, 2016. Mooney management would like VAC to be a long term relationship.


November 25, 2015 - Paul T. Glessner was shown discussing the advantages of Vehicle Aerodynamics during Jay Leno's Garage's 7th episode (Design of the Times) of its inaugral season. It was CNBC's most watched pilot. Jay personally called Paul months prior to the June 10th filming at Willow Springs Racetrack in Rosamond, CA. "It was an incredible experience and both Jay and his crew are most accommodating," said Paul.


February 10, 2014 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants was given a follow-on 10 month contract with ATK, Composite Engineering, Inc.'s (CEi) prime contractor. VAC led both a successful renovation of the quarter scale transonic model to include the rocket assisted take-off (RATO) assembly and a low speed RATO wind tunnel test at San Diego's Low Speed Wind Tunnel. VAC oversaw, analyzed, and reported on data obtained from the previous transonic wind tunnel test held in conjunction with sub-contractor, CEi. VAC accompanied and assisted the ATK wind tunnel team members for supersonic test of the missile at NRC's facility in Ottawa, Canada. VAC consulted, oversaw, and analyzed methods to physically launch the MSST vehicle and its myriad of aerodynamic transitions. One of ATK's Letters of Recommendation.


February 11, 2013 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants was hired for five months to work on-site at Composite Engineering, Inc. (CEi) to manage the refinement of ATK's quarter scale Multi-Stage Supersonic Target (MSST) transonic wind tunnel model to include control surface hinge and bending moment strain gauges, the actual transonic test itself and the subsequent results and begin the test report. Test successfully completed with all 6-DOF data obtained. ATK was the prime-contractor for the program.


November 21, 2011 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants were invited to meet and discuss a 2015 FORD design with a Tier 1 supplier, Shape Corporation. VAC, Inc. flew to their offices allowing more employees to benefit by the visit versus only two key individuals coming to VAC's California office.

Some of their appreciative comments: "Thank you for taking the time from your schedule to help us better understand the aerodynamic effects being placed on and around our areas of the vehicle. Your presentations were very informative and communicated that information in an easy to understand approach. We really liked hearing the stories that seemed to tie everything together. ... Later this week we will be meeting with (major US automotive manufacturer) and we will surely be in a better position."


May 13, 2011 - TRAXXAS Radio Controlled vehicles asked VAC, Inc. to come to Plano and study an upcoming design - the XO-1. VAC bettered their design needs on several fronts: drag, speed and - stability. The advertisement and video speaks for itself. This video is a review of the XO-1 by R/C Car Action; VAC, Inc. helped with how the car 'sucks down' w/speed per the narrator.


May 29, 2009 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants were instrumental in the refinement of Mission Motors's the Mission One electric motorcycle prior racing at the Isle of Man's TTXGP. Excerpt from the company, "We recently and on very short order turned around a bodywork design with your teachings in mind. You can view both pics and results on our blog. Oh, and just so you know, with the lessons you taught us, we were able to get a great deal more efficiency out of the bike as well as a great deal more top speed!" Start of Misson One's race. Recent 2012 update point on a newer - Mission R.


March 7, 2009 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants' Paul T. Glessner was highlighted in American Auto Racings & Writers Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) in their March monthly newsletter showing Paul's beginnings with respect to aerodynamics and a good showing at the 1983 Indy 500.


February 19, 2009 - Paul T. Glessner and VAC, Inc was requested by the The United States Industry Coalition (USIC) to independently review a project proposal titled “Drag and Noise Reduction for Road Vehicles.”

November 17, 2008 - Paul T. Glessner was General Chairman of the Inaugural Global Wind Tunnel Symposium held during the AeroTestAmerica convention at the Ft. Worth Convention Center. Leading Edge Media and Events stated how much of a success it was due to Mr. Glessner's handling of the two day symosium and is being invited to help oversee future events in Baltimore, Manchester, UK and at the Von Karman Institute in Brussels.

November 5, 2008 - SEMA afforded Paul T. Glessner and Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants, Inc. to be interviewed by Daytona Dayton. The interview regarded erodynamics and Mark Donohue, of course. The audio link has been taken down for some reason that needed a minimum of IE 8.0


December 4, 2007 - SAE provided VAC Inc's Vehicle Aerodynamics seminar at Performance Racing Industries (PRI) was both most enjoyable and successful. The student base included Jonathan Summerton racing for America in the A1 GP.

October 24, 2007 - Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants to go 330mph !!! VAC, Inc. joins Terry Haddock's NHRA/IHRA Funny Car team as a sponsor for both the Las Vegas and Pomona races.

October 10, 2007 - VAC, Inc. and Airtab, Inc. collaborate to market & sell more Airtabs.

September 30, 2007 - VAC, Inc. associates with Alpine Motorsports Club to facilitate seminars there for their clientele. VIR, Virginia International Raceway positively interested as well as other membership driving facilities once funded and built.

September 24, 2007 - Grand-American hosts Vehicle Aerodynamics Consultants again during the Infineon race for input on refinements to the Daytona Prototypes; the same vehicles that endure the 24 Hours of Daytona.

August 12. 2007 - Agent 47's 2007 Mustang GT >> One bad Mustang aided in its design by VAC's Paul T. Glessner.

June 6, 2007 - Paul T. Glessner, VAC, Inc. teams with DiMora Motorcar to build the $2 Million Dollar ~ Natalia.

March 30, 2007 - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

February 1, 2007 - Ridley Park (Pennsylvania) News. (PDF 1117K)


February 21, 2006 - XCOR Aerospace Teams with Silicon Graphics
and Metacomp for Next-Generation Space Vehicle Design

January 27, 2006 - ERAU: Aerodynamicist Shares Knowledge (new site forthcoming)

December 08, 2005 - Long Beach Grunion Gazette, Street Profile

~ Prior to Incorporation ~

June 21, 1999 - DESIGN NEWS: Suuundaaay thunder goes high(er) tech (two thirds towards the bottom of link)

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