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"I wished I had Paul as a teacher when I attended Art Center."
- Ken Okuyama, designer of the Ferarri Enzo and past Transportation Chair of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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Jay leno and Paul Glessner

"While I am not an engineer or a major technical type, I enjoy the discipline of aerodynamics and was pleased at how Paul was able to explain its intricacies to individuals like me."
Jay Leno, Tonight Show Host


"The amount of info in one day was 'unexpected.' This indepth class answered a lot of questions; every racer needs to hear this."
Patrick Sallaway, Senior Instructor, Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving


"The class was very thought provoking and certainly recharged my enthusiasm in aerodynamics. You clearly explained that there is much more to it than drag coefficients and wing angles which are only the top of the tip of the aerodynamic iceberg. Your example that what happens to air flow under the wing is just as important as to what happens to air flow over the wing put a new perspective on aerodynamics. Even though I have spent many hours in a wind tunnel, I am now looking at this science differently than I have in the past. Also, the web sites that you referenced were a great addition to the seminar."
Dan Engel, GM's NHRA Program Director


Bob Bondurant School
Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

"Excellent Seminar!"
Bernard Juchli, Chief Mechanic for Jay Leno's collection

Bernard and Al DiMora
Bernard Juchli and Al Dimora of Natalia and Clenet fame

"Magnificently well informed and experienced presenter."
"Please bring more of these to SEMA's seminars."
"Presenter knows far too much for time allotted."
"This is one of the best seminars I've attended."
"You need dynamic, enthusiastic presenters like Glessner."
"A definite need for quality technical seminars like this one."
Excerpts from evaluations received after speaking at SEMA

"I really enjoyed your seminar. It was one of those deals where I didn't even know if I should attend. ..., so I decided to reward myself by coming early for your class. But still, how could anyone cover aerodynamics in one day? Would the math be over my head? Luckily you did it just right. You covered a lot of info, touched on the basics and showed how much there was to still be uncovered. I can hardly remember the last time I was this excited about a subject and ready to expand my knowledge further about race car aero. Thanks for getting me excited. Hope to keep hearing from you."
Paul Truess, Flying Lizard Motorsports

"I think that your talk was the very epitome of what SAE intends for its Industrial Leadership Program. ... The level was just right, the relevance and interest of the topic was high, and the additional 'gee-whiz' type of information is the sort of thing that we just can't get enough of. You made quite an impression on the members of the SAE Collegiate Branch here." (Actual Letter)
Dr. Peter D. Jones, Faculty Advisor, Auburn University

Ron, Me and Don
Ron Capps, Paul T. Glessner and Don Prudhomme

"I learned more in a 30 minute discussion with Paul about aero than I had learned in 30 years of professional racing."
Chris Kaufmann, Director of Motorsports, Borla Exhaust & extensive racing career.

"There will be a waiting list to attend this seminar... I am glad you did not skip anything... The knowledge I gained will be beneficial to my customers as I build the knowledge gained into their finished product... People will not gain this kind of information reading books alone... Your seminar will be on the top of my 'Brag List' ... The chance to meet and talk to John Dinkel and Paul Van Valkenburgh was 'icing on the cake.'...Your class is CLASS!"
Thomas A. Irwin, III, President of T3 Composites

"I highly recommend that your son contact him if he is interested in pursuing a career in vehicle design. Paul has tremendous knowledge of the subject, great industry contacts and a true passion for what he does." "
Anthony Salerno, President, Salerno & Associates

"I learned more in this seminar than in my fluids and aero courses."
Eric Moyer, Team Lead - Formula S.A.E., Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa.

Gator Motorsports would like to thank SAE International for the opportunity to host Mr. Paul Glessner as an industrial lecturer the other week. Mr. Glessner's presentation included a wealth of technical insights and practical applications, and was absolutely wonderful for all of our members interested in aerodynamic design (and even some that aren't). The chance to interface with Mr. Glessner during and after his lecture provided a lot of detail into the smaller facets of this year's aerodynamic design. His assistance and advice has been central to our design phase. Having the chance to showcase our designs and receive in person criticisms was an immense benefit to finalizing our undertray design for this season.
Sean Niemi, Team Lead - Formula S.A.E., University of Florida, Fl.

"It is obvious you have done your homework and really put on an informative demonstration/seminar."
Peter Green, Race Car Engineer

"Learned far more than I thought before the course. I will definitely apply what I have learned today to my racecars. ... I knew a lot would be applicable to the open wheeled cars but I also got a few ideas for my GT6 as well. I now have a far better understanding of what helps and what hinders a vehicle's handling and performance. For those that attended, we not only received a book on race car aerodynamics but now get Paul's advice and help on our race cars through his 'aero insurance,' and I intend to make the most of it. "
Warwick Bryan - President of Vintage Auto Racing Association 1978 Lola T629 #6 FSV2 1989 Reynard F2000 #20 CFC1 1967 Triumph GT6 #8 DPMo

"Just having a good overview of various principles and techniques was very helpful. Great Job, Thanks!"
John Murray, Sr. Dir. of Bus. Devp't, Motorsports, 3D Systems

"We had a great response last year from his seminar and will be sanctioning another one this year. His background is fascinating and would benefit anyone desiring to further their education about aerodynamics."
Craig Hibbard, past President - Vintage Auto Racing Association

"Good points: VERY well documented, Excellent handouts, Great ability to change the lesson plan in mid-stream relative to the audience and Clear speaking voice."
Jim Knapp, Landspeed racer, 200mph Club

"We feel that it is a great honor to have you give a lecture about such a fascinating topic." (Actual Letter)
James Miller, Faculty Advisor/ New Jersey Institute of Technology's SAE Chapter Board

"I really enjoyed your presentation and I know a lot of other people did as well. We all enjoyed hearing the stories with famous principal players besides the section on what does and does not work aerodynamically." (Actual Letter)
Timothy Unton, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University SAE Chairman

'Last week, we had the privilege of having Paul T. Glessner as our guest lecturer. His lecture was very interesting and fit the interests of our entire group.'
Michael Mangus, Kansas State University SAE Chapter President

'Last week Paul T. Glessner visited University of Oklahoma and gave a very informative seminar. The Seminar was attended by more than 25 students. The seminar was informative, and educational. School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at University of Oklahoma greatly appreciate the seminar given by Mr. Glessner.'
Zahed Siddique, Associate Professor, School of AME - University of Oklahoma

'The seminar last week with Paul T. Glessner was a success. We had over 50 students visit from several neighbouring Universities in central Ontario, along with local SAE professional members and UofT faculty and students.'
Luke Osmokrovic, 07-08 SAE Student Chapter Chair, FSAE Team Manager
University of Toronto

'The students who attended greatly enjoyed how Mr. Glessner was able to break down the different aspects of Aerodynamics so that every student from the beginning Freshman to the Graduate student was able to take what was said and grasp the idea without trouble. Additionally, the stories Mr. Glessner told us about his first-hand experience with several of the aspects brought in a first-hand real-world explanation that further helped explain the concepts. The lecture was interesting and was so captivating that at the end of the talk we could not believe that it had started 2+ hours before, the time felt to have flown by.'
Troy Arment, Vice President, FSAE, Bradley University

Me and Jay 2
Paul T. Glessner and Jay Leno

"Based on the good reviews and/or comments that come my way, ... I do like your work. And the students seem very interested in your topic. You are one of my lecturers that receive multiple invitations. ...You should feel very proud that you can make an impression on these young engineering students. "
Janiece E. Lang, Program Developer, SAE, Membership & Section Programs

"Would you recommend the seminar to your colleagues and friends? YES!"

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